Next by Pacific Life: the smart, flexible way to buy term life insurance

Life moves quickly and Next Term Life helps you keep up. With death benefit coverage that lasts to age 65, you can start with the protection your loved ones need now and easily increase or decrease coverage as your life changes.1 You can’t predict the future and with Next Term Life, you don’t need to.

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Lock in your current health rating now

Flexible coverage to Age 65

Lock in your current health rating now
Flexible coverage to Age 65

See how Next Term Life helps keep up with life’s changes.

Meet Nicole - At 29, she’s looking forward to the future but wants to make sure her loved ones are protected if she dies.

Age 29

Nicole wants life insurance now

so her husband can continue meeting expenses on a single income. Nicole locks in her health rating at age 29.

Age 33

Nicole and her husband buy a house

and she easily increases her coverage to help cover their new mortgage.

Age 36

It’s twins!

Nicole wants to make sure her new additions are protected and increases coverage again.

Age 46

Nicole gets a promotion

and with a pay increase, she wants to add more coverage so her family can continue to enjoy their standard of living. Although Nicole has developed high blood pressure since buying the policy, she maintains her original health rating and is approved for more coverage without any underwriting.

Age 65

Nicole is covered until 65

Nicole’s coverage increased over the years without the need for multiple policies or additional health checks.

See how Next Term Life insurance can adapt to your future milestone events.

Think all life insurance is the same? Think again.

Next Term Life redefines life insurance for today’s needs. We considered the roadblocks of a typical term policy to bring you an innovative, custom-fit solution.

4 reasons Next Term Life works for the way you live.

Keeps you covered to age 65, not just the typical 10 or 20 years.

Let’s you easily increase or decrease your coverage to keep up with life’s changes.1

Includes approval for additional coverage later for some of life’s major milestones. No worries about being denied more protection when you need it.1

Locks in your original health rating so future increases are more affordable.2

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