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Managing your policy

  • Managing your policy

    How do I increase or decrease my policy coverage?

    If you want to increase or decrease your coverage, contact a Next Ambassador at 855-774-0802 Monday – Friday, 8am to 6pm CST or email helpdesk@meetnext.com.

  • Managing your policy

    What if my health improves after buying the policy?

    If your health improves after purchasing the policy (e.g. you lose weight or stop smoking), you may request another underwriting review. If your health improves according to our underwriting guidelines, a new health rating will be applied to your existing coverage, typically resulting in a lower premium. The new health rating will be locked in and apply to any future increased coverage as well. If there is not an improvement in health, you keep your current health rating.

  • Managing your policy

    How do I see my policy documents?

    Once your policy is issued, just log back in to life.meetnext.com any time to see your policy documents.

  • Managing your policy

    How can I make changes to my personal information (e.g., changes to name, address, phone number)?

    Please visit life.meetnext.com to make updates or contact a Next Ambassador Monday – Friday, 8am to 6pm CST for assistance at 855-774-0802 or email at helpdesk@meetnext.com.

All references to “you or your” assumes the insured and policy owner are the same person.

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