You can’t predict the future. That’s why there’s life insurance.

Deciding how much life insurance you need can be challenging. What you need today, could be dramatically different in 5, 10 or 20 years. So we designed Next Term Life insurance to help solve this problem.
You can start with the coverage that works for you today and easily increase or decrease it for some of life’s major milestones.1 And we keep you covered to age 65 — around the time when you may be ready for retirement and there is less concern about financially supporting your loved ones.

Our Story

Founded in 1868, Pacific Life has a long history of putting our customers first and delivering value through product innovation. Next by Pacific Life was created to offer a better, seamless digital experience for the modern customer.
Our latest innovation, Next Term Life insurance was designed in response to our customers’ desire for simple, flexible and affordable life insurance. Offering a refreshing take on term insurance, Next Term Life offers coverage that can help meet their needs today and tomorrow.

How Next Term Life Works

Start small

You don’t have to anticipate the future and buy more life insurance than you need. Instead, start with the coverage you need now and then gradually increase or decrease over time.

Lock it in

When you’re approved for a Next Term Life policy, you’re “locked” in at your health and risk rating. So if you need to increase your coverage, you’ll enjoy the same rating as when you first applied.2

Live life

Increasing your coverage usually means more underwriting. With Next Term Life, certain life events, like buying a house or having kids, allow you to increase without any additional underwriting.1

Backed by Pacific Life

Pacific Life is one of the most dependable and experienced insurers in the industry.

Backed by more than 150 years of experience, you can count on us to be there so you can go out and pursue your passions.

A promise that we’ll be there.
Annual contributions making a meaningful impact in our communities.
Continuing to meet the needs of policyholders when they needed us the most.

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